See which models fit your ride:

Looking for an offroad light bar that doesn't only say "super bright"? You are in the right place! Interested at adding some accents? choose Xkchrome app control led bar series. Want to legally use the light bar on road? Checkout the Razor SAE road legal series. Want to have light shining instantly at where you look? Our SAR light bar series will be a perfect equipment you can depend on in the dark. We never lower our standard in design and engineering, so should you with your expectation for light bars.

What is the best offroad LED light bar?

We offer many different LED light bar series and each are best suited for different applications. Our new SAR360 Lighting System offers unique advantages in regards to directing the light on demand, strobing the lights, or even for directing traffic. Our new Razor Series Light Bars are available in SAE compliant beam patterns and are available in a white and amber strobe variant, so if using the light bar on-road would suit your needs best, that’s what we’d recommend. Lastly, our 2in1 Green and White LED Light bars have become a fan favorite best suited for hunting or fishing applications. You get the bright white light when needed, but the green is available on demand as well for less glare on objects and less strain on your eyes during night outings.

Are LED light bars road legal? Can you drive with the light bar on?

In general, driving with LED light bars powered-on on public roads is illegal. We do offer our Razor Series Light Bars in SAE compliant beam patterns which may be acceptable in some circumstances. Because the laws on aftermarket lighting vary greatly by state, drivers looking to add LED light bars should first check under the unlawful vehicle modification laws of their particular state to avoid potential warnings and penalties.

How long do LED light bars last?

We do our very best to engineer these LED light bars to be as durable as possible. Whether they’re being mounted to a Jeep, quad or side by side, or anything else, the light bars are battle tested from the very beginning of the design process. Because of this, we are able to offer a three-year warranty on all of our LED light bars, as well as a five-year extended warranty on our SAR360 Lighting System.