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Increasing the light output by 50-80%, XKGLOW led bulbs and signal lights are design for ultimate visibility and safety. All XKGLOW taillights, fog lights and led headlights or cars and trucks undergo a series of vigorous testing before leaving the factory and warehouse. Want a bit more styling? Checkout our RGB led headlights controlled by bluetooth app. 

How do you adjust LED headlights?

After installing LED headlights onto your car or motorcycle, you may find the need to adjust them for proper function. Please visit our Blog “How to Adjust Headlight Aiming” for more information.

LED or HID headlights, which is brighter?

The age-old question that no one seems to have an answer to, right? “Brighter” is a relative term. In terms of intensity, an HID bulb will always be “brighter” than an LED bulb but there is so much more to it than that. Taking an HID bulb and putting it into a reflector housing will almost always result in a decrease in effective lux. The HID bulb has a different focal point than it’s halogen counterpart, which results in the light being scattered all over the place and in most circumstances, blinding oncoming traffic. Our LED bulbs have been precisely engineered to mimic it’s halogen counterpart. The LED chip placement is an exact replica of the filament on the halogen bulb resulting in proper light dispersion in most reflector applications. This puts the light on the road exactly where it was intended and is safe for all, including oncoming traffic. Because of this, we always recommend LED over HID in reflector applications because it results in more usable light coming from the headlights.

How long do LED headlights last?

Almost every LED headlight manufacturer out there will publish the astonishing 50,000hr life for an LED bulb, but there is a lot more to it than that. The LED chipset is rated to last that long under proper conditions, but has the bulb been engineered to ensure that that happens? Our LED Headlight Bulbs are optimized in heat dissipation, current control, and in many other ways to ensure lasting and error-free operation. Our LED bulbs come with an up-to 3 year warranty as well.

How do I convert my headlights & taillights to LED?

First, you will need to input your vehicles year, make, and model into our Bulb Finder system to see what applicable products we have available. In most circumstances, if the application calls for a halogen or incandescent bulb, we will have an LED replacement that will fit right in. Installing is usually as easy as changing a light bulb, but sometimes this can require panel removal, headlight removal, or more to gain access to the bulb you are replacing. In turn signal applications, when going from incandescent to LED, you will need to install resistors or an electronic flasher in order to prevent hyper flashing.