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XKGLOW offroad lights series are design to endure the most exciting 4x4 journey and shines the light at when and where you need it the most. From the must have offroad rock lights to super bright LED bars, XKGLOW will take your vehicle lighting experience to the next level in both offroad and on-roads environments. Driving a Jeep? Check out our custom built Jeep product line including RGB headlight, 5th wheel lights and vent lights.

How do you wire LED offroad lights?

In most circumstances, LED light bars are controlled with a single positive and single negative wire. The negative wire will need to be connected to the vehicle’s ground and the positive to power with some type of switch installed for control. All of our rock pod kits, strobe light kits, LED whip kits, and more have plug and play wiring. All that it takes is mounting the lights, plugging in extension wires, and connecting a harness to the vehicle’s battery.

How do you angle your offroad lights?

Typically, any and all brackets will allow for at least some degree of vertical adjustment. You will need to loosen the bolt on each side of the light bar securing the bar to the bracket. Once this is loose, you will be able to tilt the light bar to the desired angle. Tighten down each end bolt to secure the bar and lock the angle in place.

How do I choose the best off road lights for my vehicle?

We offer many different LED light bar series and each are best suited for different applications. Our new SAR360 Lighting System offers unique advantages in regards to directing the light on demand, strobing the lights, or even for directing traffic. Our new Razor Series Light Bars are available in SAE compliant beam patterns and are available in a white and amber strobe variant, so if using the light bar on-road would suit your needs best, that’s what we’d recommend. Lastly, our 2in1 Green and White LED Light bars have become a fan favorite best suited for hunting or fishing applications. You get the bright white light when needed, but the green is available on demand as well for less glare on objects and less strain on your eyes during night outings. We recommend you consider your main target use and make a decision from there. Each light bar series is offered in various lengths, so you may need to take measurements on your vehicle to see which length would best fit.