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Looking for LED light kits for cars and trucks? You've come to the right place. XKGLOW offers a wide range of lighting options ranging from under car lighting kits, interior accent lights, headlights to taillights and etc. With XKGLOW's exclusive plug-n-play design, you can easily plug in more lights to the car underglow, and customize the color and patterns through the phone. You can also add LED interior lighting to be in sync with the exterior accent lighting. 

How to install LED lights in car interior?

First, you must identify where you would like to install as we offer various LED lighting products for car interiors such as footwell lights, dome or map lights, or even fiber optic lights. Next, you can install the lights using the supplied hardware to the desired mounting surface. Location for the lights can be on the dash, underneath seats, in the door panels, in the footwells, etc. Lastly, you must run the applicable wiring to the lights, plug into the included controller, and then connect to power. The wiring is usually ran behind the interior carpet or behind the door panels and dash for a clean install, but also to protect the wiring when the vehicle is in use.

How to connect LED lights to car battery?

Most of our LED lighting kits include all applicable wiring accessories required to complete the install, including a battery wiring harness. This harness has two ring terminals that allow for easy connection to the vehicle’s battery. Typically, there will be a smaller crimp bolt holding each terminal onto the battery. Simply remove the crimp bolt, slide the ring terminal on to the positive or negative side of the battery, and reinstall the crimp bolt. Then all you need to do is plug the other end of the harness into the LED controller or the LED lights.

Do car LED lights glow when switched off?

In most circumstances, when the power is cut from the LED lights, the lights will shut off completely. The LED lights can be wired to power on by the vehicle’s ignition so that they automatically shut off when the vehicle is powered off, or if connected directly to the vehicle’s battery, there is typically a physical ON/OFF switch included in the kit that you are able to use to shut the lights off. Our Bluetooth App controlled lights have the ability to be switched off within the phone’s app as well.

Are underglow light kits illegal?

In general, underglow light kits are legal as long as they remain unlit and covered on public roads. In most circumstances, having underglow that flashes red or blue are typically illegal, both on and off the road. All of our XKchrome Kits offer a “Default” mode so that if you are able to ride with a legal color, that color will illuminate each time the kit is powered on. Our XKchrome kits also offer the ability to shut off the exterior lights while keeping the interior on. Because the laws on underglow lights vary greatly by state, drivers looking to add underglow lights should first check under the unlawful vehicle modification laws of their particular state to avoid potential warnings and penalties.