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Upgrade your LED motorcycle headlight, LED taillight or running light with the high brightness and long lasting XKGLOW lights. You will see better and get seen further while driving on the road with the premium light output. Get noticed as the star of the bike show with XKGLOW's bluetooth LED app features and its premium qualities.  

How to wire LED tail lights on motorcycle?

You will need to consult your owners manual for applicable bulb sizes for your motorcycle, and then visit the LED bulb section of the site to see which offerings are available for your bike. In most circumstances, changing over from incandescent to LED is as simple as changing a bulb and no wiring will be required. However, you may need to install resistors to prevent hyperflashing of the turn signals. If you are looking to change out your turn signal housings entirely for something new, custom wiring may be necessary which will require cutting and splicing of the positive and negative wires to the new LED light.

How to aim motorcycle headlight?

When you install a new LED headlight on your motorcycle, you may find that the beam pattern is aimed too high or too low and needs adjustment. Please view our Blog article named “How to Adjust Headlight Aiming” for more information. Disregard the horizontal measuring as that will only be applicable to cars with two headlights separated from one another. Please note that the adjustment screws may either be towards the front or rear of the headlight bucket depending on application. And you will want someone to be sitting on the motorcycle while it’s pointed at the wall so that the beam pattern is horizontal on the wall rather than slanted like when it’s on the kickstand.

Where to place LED lights on motorcycle?

Typically, the best light effect results from the LED strips or pods being hidden on the motorcycle, and only the light effect being visible. We have found that the best location for the LED strips are under the gas tank, along the frame rails along the bottom of the motorcycle, and if applicable, under the saddle bags. For the compact LED pods, we recommend fitting those in smaller areas like in the front fender, under the air cleaner, behind the engine, etc. Please visit the Motorcycle section of our website and the XKchrome Circle app for inspiration on how to light up your ride.

How to install LED turn signals on a motorcycle?

Installing our MotoTurnz LED turn signals on a motorcycle is very simple. All it requires is carefully popping off the lens with a flat head or removing the screws holding the lens on, removing the incandescent 1156 or 1157 bulb from the housing, installing the new LED turn signal bulb, and reinstalling the lens. In most applications, resistors or a load equalizer will be necessary in order to prevent hyperflashing of the turn signals.